Sunday, December 28, 2014

Soft or Hard Landing?

In permaculture, “edge”— that is, the place where two landscapes meet— is a very interesting place.

For the little berries here, what happens to them next. . .

. . .depends into which landscape they've landed.

Smashed upon the pavement. . .

. . .or absorbed back into the earth to complete their cycle?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

PoetryPeek: Reminders

by J. Lanier

That great big puddle at the corner
obstacle to my crossing

Reminds me that
this stranded spring shower remnant 
also seeks its purpose:
to return to earth and nurture life
That sludgy liquid
pooled around the sewer grate

Reminds me that 
this stagnant trickle was once 
part of a million clear raindrops
falling urgently from the sky 
during a summer storm

Those piles of leaves
rustling along urban concrete
eddied by autumn winds

Remind me that
they too seek to complete their cycle 
beginning / ending in the sky and 
ending / beginning in earth's crumbly dark womb

That slushy, icy snow
slippery winter nuisance to older bones

Reminds me that 
      we all have a place and purpose

If we can only find
 how we fit

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Even amidst powerful ebb and flow. . .

. . .of water's tide,

our own traces intrude--

. . .overpowering its pristine beauty.