Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gone Fishin'

This weekend, I participated  in one of the Lower East Side Ecology Center's (LESEC) "catch & release" fishing clinics. The LESEC is a local non-profit, providing programming to teach the public about environmental issues facing New York City.

The clinic was held at Pier 42, a recently opened green space along the East River. They sponsor programs and activities to help the public reconnect with the waterfront and show that it can be a valuable amenity and educational resource.

I was able to successfully bait my hook without goring myself
and practiced casting my line, which is not as easy as you think!

A fish was caught. . . (to eventually be released). . . but unfortunately not by me!

My "catch" of the day consisted of a bit of discarded cable that ended up in the river (seen dangling from my fishing rod, in the picture immediately above).

However, various marine life had taken up residence on it and made it their home. . .
. . .sort of like an artificial cable reef!

That's good enough for me!