Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to Life*

I am very fortunate to have an abundance of trees in my neighborhood.  There's a particular set of trees that I pass on my way to the train each day.  I call them "Elegant Line".

Of this set of trees I had a particular favorite because, in addition to being able to see it as I walked down the street . . .

. . .I could also see it once I got to the train platform. . .

. . .almost like a parent seeing their child off for the day. . .

Then Hurricane Irene paid a visit.

As if with a knife, she sliced my little tree in half!  But yet. . .afterwards? There it still stood and I marveled at it’s tenacity in Irene's wake!

Unfortunately, a year later, Hurricane Sandy roared through and finished off what Irene started, blowing down what was left of my little tree, leaving only a stump.

However, this year's unusually wet summer has been a gift.  Now, where there was only a stump, new life has emerged. . .and flourished!

Without endings, there can be no beginnings.  Without sadness, no happiness.

*In Memoriam
R.A. Johnson 1921-2011 ~~ C. Wills, 1933-2013 ~~ D. Lanier, 1936-2012 ~~ R. Carpenter, 1946-2013 
~~~ Never forgotten, and very much missed ~~~

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