Sunday, September 9, 2012

Greenery: Cubed & Squared

Have we been invaded...!? 


It's a public art installation created by New York based environmental artists, Patricia Leighton and Del Geist.   

Earlier this summer, seven growing sculptures were placed in the pedestrian plazas along Broadway, between Times Square and 34th Street.  The sculptures vary in height between 10 and 12 feet and are propped up on three poles, in order to display each cube's growing greenery.

According to the artists:

"The raised cubes visually and contextually elevate nature, leading the eye upwards and creating a contemplative natural presence within the vibrant core of New York’s Fashion District. . ."


". . . We're elevating nature in relation to the vertical spaces in our city."

On display through November 2012. . .Check it out for yourself!

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